Nancy Wallace for Governor

We need a major, emergency economic transformation to renewable energy and green jobs, to address our climate change crisis now!


Inspired by Greta Thunberg

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With a new energy from the strongest source of power we know, the people of this country, let’s shine a light on the wide range of successful policies for tackling our toughest problems to transform our nation to a just, prosperous, sustainable society.

Climate Change

implement an emergency economic transformation to renewable energy, including 100% renewable electricity supply by 2028, and all other energy uses by 2030

Women and Girls’ Survival

Violence against women in the US and worldwide has reached epidemic proportions, and we must protect the lives of women and girls along with all other victims of our culture of violence

Social Justice and Community Based Economics

A just, prosperous and sustainable economy begins at home, in our communities with small businesses and green jobs, in a Green New Deal

Health Care for All

Single Payer Health Care and Men’s Contraception – a universal, comprehensive, national single-payer health care system would redirect the administrative waste of private insurance corporations -currently 31 cents of every dollar spent on health care in America today – into real patient care. 

Pat Elder for Lt. Governor

“Then in times of need, one should rise to the occasion and fight bravely for what is right….it is not enough to be compassionate, one must act.

Dalai Lama