Voting Rights & Election Integrity

Nancy served 10 years on the Board of Directors of, the country’s premier non-partisan national voting technology and integrity group. She also co-founded, which led the citizens movement to regain a voter-verified paper audit trail for voters in Maryland so that elections can actually be recounted, such as this summer’s recount of Montgomery County’s race for County Executive. She has testified before our state legislature and other state legislatures showing them how only a paper ballot that has been verified by the voter can be a safe, accountable voting method.

Nancy and Pat believe that every human being in a democracy has the right to vote, so we support allowing citizens in prison to vote even if convicted of a felony, unless they have been convicted of felony election fraud. Who better to help fix a broken system, than those whom the system has not supported in the first place? Let’s include all voices in our solutions.

PLEASE NOTE all citizens on probation or parole can now vote. You just have to re-register, which you can do WHEN YOU VOTE. Bring a Maryland state ID or driver’s license, and if possible proof of residency to your polling place.

PLEASE NOTE also that all citizens in jail waiting for trial and before conviction can also vote. You probably don’t have to re-register. Request a mail-in ballot from jail staff, or email us at

“When the people lead, the leaders will follow”

                                                                          – President Dwight D. Eisenhower

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